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Kurtulmuş’tan, Gena D Block sert yanıt

Kurtulmuş’tan, Gena D Block sert yanıt

Kurtulmuş’tan, Gena D Block sert yanıt

Türk Amerikan toplum liderlerinden ve aktivist İbrahim Kurtuluş, The Guardian Editör ve Chıef’i Katharinev Viner’e gönderdiği mektup ardından bir mektupta Gena D Block’a göndererek sert yanıt verdi

Chancellor- Üniversite of Kaliforniya Los Angeles gönderdiği mektup

Dear Chancellor Block,

You have degrees in psychology, and must be familiar with the cognitive trap called anchoring, in regard to first impressions. We can tell you the facts, and it still may not make a difference — regardless of how educated you are. Once an inaccuracy gets ingrained, it can be difficult to dislodge; what is also called the “backfire” effect is when people will not just remain steadfast, but sometimes actually become more resolute with their incorrect beliefs.

I hope you have read my January 26, 2018 dated letter, sent to you and others at UCLA via an email entitled, “Why Are the People of UCLA Condoning RACISM?”; I have  informed you about the travesty, “The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law,” established in the name of a movie that intended to convey the following message:

“The Turk is … thoroughly and incurably barbarian. He is habitually tyrannical, passionate for plunder, and a lover of blood — his tastes are barbarian, extravagant splendor, gross indulgence, savage indolence of mind and body — he enjoys none of the resources of civilization — …no national literature…no language…no picture, no statue, no music.”

Excerpted in The Christian Register, 01.13.1827. We are rid of most negative stereotypes, but the one for the “Terrible Turk” is encouraged. Turkish inhumanity is the idea behind the hateful and unproven “Armenian genocide” charge.

You may remember “Polish Jokes” were once the rage, Prof. Block. Can you imagine allowing your university to set up a division based on a multi-million dollar “gift” from a hateful group that is devoted to conveying how Poles are stupid?

Garo Pasdermadjian was a Dashnak, the terrorist group set up in 1890, the one that took over most Ottoman-Armenian villages, persuading (through assassinations of loyal Armenians, and racial supremacy indoctrination; there is a book entitled Patriotism Perverted, by the Turk-hating K.S. Papazian. It is online, and will give some idea about the Dashnaks) most Armenians to turn traitor over the course of a quarter-century. Garo took part in the 1896 Ottoman Bank takeover, murdering many. In later years, the forgiving Ottomans actually allowed Garo to serve in Parliament.

Garo himself revealed from his propaganda book, Why Armenia Should Be Free (1918; it’s online), in passages such as: “The Armenians resolved to aid the Russian armies in every possible way,” how the treacherous Armenians rebelled, making the genocide charge moot. Other than the fact that the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide requires proof of “intent,” which does not exist, and also requires competent tribunals to determine genocides (not just any “human rights”-touting and falsely moralizing racist), the Convention exempts political groups. Victims need to be entirely innocent, as with WWII’s Jews. Your “Human Rights” law professors should be the first to know these rules.

UCLA has disgracefully embraced the vicious claims of the movie’s producers (“The Promise is a feature film set during the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923, where more than 1.5 million people perished in an atrocity driven by ethnic and religious intolerance”; “Ethnic and religious intolerance” is a false attempt to parallel the Holocaust, having nothing to do with the Armenians’ relocation), without care for factual history. At the postwar Paris Conference, the Research Commission headed by our Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, presented its formal March 29, 1919 report, calculating 8,200 Armenians had died from butcheries (by rogue elements) and 54,000 of other reasons. So that’s 8,200 vs. 1.5 million+.

Getting back to Garo Pasdermadjian, once war started, the Venezuelan Rafael Nogales (who was in the Ottoman Army), revealed in his 1926 book (Four Years Beneath the Crescent) that the mass-murdering Garo had “passed over with almost all the Armenian troops and officers of the (Ottoman) Third Army to the Russians… burning hamlets and mercilessly putting to the knife all of the peaceful Musulman villagers that fell into their hands.”

As I  have informed you, it was the Armenians who conducted the factual systematic extermination campaign, doing away with 529,000 (per the district-by-district secret records of the Ottoman archives; Col. Wooley of the British Army estimated the Armenians had slaughtered 300,000-400,000 Ottoman Muslims in two districts alone, Van and Bitlis. U.S. Archives, 12.9.1919, 184.021/265); that is well over ten times as many as the Armenians who were arbitrarily murdered, and many Turks (Muslims and Jews as well) were killed in the most sadistic manner, given the Dashnaks’ immersion in racial supremacy ideology. (From mutilated vaginas, to cooked children served to their mothers.)


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